The Little Mermaid – Sassy Ursula Adult Mermaid Costume

The_Little_Mermaid_Sassy_Ursula_Adult_Costume A brand new addition to the the adult mermaid costume collection this Halloween season is The Little Mermaid – Sassy Mermaid Ursula Adult Costume , and what an addition it is!

While the costume is based on Ursula, the cunning scary sea witch, portrayed in the 1989 Disney animation film “The Little Mermaid.” The costumes features a soft black body hugging top that forms into the shape of octopus tentacles that lay over a sexy short iridescent ruffled purple skirt.

When you surface at the Halloween party wearing this sexy mermaid Halloween costume men are sure to finding you irresistible and bewitching, certainly not scary. 😉

This mermaid costume is an officially licensed Disney product and includes: A cute character bodice, an iridescent ruffled skirt and a sassy, spiked character wig.

Available in Adult Sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

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Sassy Ursula Adult Mermaid Costume